As the Director of Interactive Media at Northern Light Productions,
I designed and co-produced 2 screen-based interactives
for the new American Writers Museum in Chicago.



Featured Works is a 100" Ideum touch table exhibit
which inspires users to deeply explore 25 works of American literature.
(Images of the second interactive exhibit, Theme Kiosks, will be posted soon.)

In addition, I co-produced Word Waterfall, 
an immersive media experience which explores American identity
in the voice of a diverse collection of American writers.


I also co-produced The Orientation Film,
the first exhibit of the museum,which introduces visitors to the
organization of the museum and the idea of the "unique American voice."


Team Credits:
Co-Producer: Beth Sternheimer
Associate Producer: Malaika Woluchem
Graphic Designer of Featured Works: Jesse Beecher and Kunjal Shah
Graphic Designer of Theme Kiosks: Jesse Beecher
Developer of Featured Works: Rob Aecheson
Developer of Theme Kiosks: Rich Howley
Projection Mapping Consultant: Jeff Grantz
Animator and Designer of Word Waterfall and the Orientation Film: Francois Berelowich

I have also designed interactive exhibits for The Strong National Toy MuseumThe Mississippi Museum of History, The Tech Museum of InnovationThe Virginia Historical Society,  and many others.